Videogames Edition, All Purpose Cleaner

We should start this one with a disclaimer, if you are a hard core video gamer, we apologize. You should still listen however, because nothing is funnier than a bunch of noobs talking about getting high scores on their Colecos and Intellivisions. (For the record, Burgertime kicked ass.) During this episodes of All Purpose Cleaner, Kristin tells of the tragedy that can befall a pixelated family, John confirms that his cell phone blows (hint, hint, potential sponsors), Ami confesses to an obsession, and Ross educates us all about the value of high quality health care. (Note: if you enter up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A we do the entire podcast naked.)

Click the link below to listen.  WARNING- Adult Content.

Videogames Master

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