Pick-Up Lines Edition, All Purpose Cleaner

And now for some advice that you can really use. And by “can really use” we mean of course “probably can’t effectively use at all” and “if you do use, we can be neither liable nor culpable”. In this crazy world we all need someone with whom to share our journey; and what better way to find that person then with a awkward pun about genitalia. In this edition of All Purpose Cleaner, we learn: what on-line dating, Photoshop, the AKC, and Robb all have in common; why you should probably bring a sewing kit to a date with Ami; why Ross lost his job as a field sobriety officer; and why Kristin still gets a little anxious when she logs onto her facebook account.

Click the link below to listen.  WARNING- Adult Content.

Pick-Up Lines Master

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2 responses »

  1. everden says:

    hahaha your system was really good.I love this 🙂

    • biglickconspiracy says:

      Thanks everden, use them in good health. (Actually, for the love of God don’t. You will probably get get slapped, maybe arrested.)

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