We have decided to abandon all pretense. Yes, we have broken the final podcasting taboo and recorded a podcast that features a story equal parts hilarious and “oh, my heavens, why.”  This is the one they will talking about around the office doughnut table, for days to come. (However, after discussing it everyone will also listlessly float back to their desk; having strangely lost their appetite.) Guys, ever wondered about what goes on on the ladies restroom? (Hint, it involves hot towels.) Ladies, ever wondered about the decor of the inside of a strip club restroom? (Hint, no you didn’t.) Curious about urinal etiquette; the perils of a restroom phone call; graffiti protocols, well this is the podcast for you.

Click the link below to listen.  WARNING- Adult Content.

Restrooms Master

If you like All Purpose Cleaner why not help other people discover it by rating or commenting at the iTunes store or let us know by emailing us at openandspray@gmail.com- Thanks.


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