Moving Edition, All Purpose Cleaner

Fish don’t fry in the kitchen, beans don’t burn on the grill. Oh yeah, we’re moving on up. By the way, what in the name of heavens do those lyrics mean? Of course, we’re going to suppose it has some kind of faintly racist element; since, after all it was the 70s. But I own a kitchen, and I have fried many catfish therein. Yes, its messy, but its incredible easy to do. Also, did the Jefferson’s not have a kitchen? They lived next to the Bunkers and they had a kitchen. Was their house that very different. I mean while their new location was nicer, I would presume that their old house was actually larger. Again, I have seen much of the Bunker household and it was huge. Also, beans do in fact burn on the grill. While I am not much of a grilling historian, I suspect propane grills were not widely available in the 70s. Therefore, they were probably using charcoal in their grill, the temperature of which is much harder to control. Additionally, one assumes they are boiling the beans, which could certainly be done much more easily on a range. Were rich people in the 70s always grilling things? Because now rednecks grill all the time. I would not call becoming a redneck, “moving on up.” Seriously, Jeff Barry and Ja’net Dubois are dumbasses. Oh, podcast; right. This weeks podcast is about moving. Ross talks about… you know what, just listen. It’s funny. You’ll like it.

Click the link below to listen.  WARNING- Adult Content.



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