Boardgame Edition, All Purpose Cleaner

Did you have three pink peg wives (or blue peg husbands)? Did you always insist upon playing Miss Scarlet because she was so damned hot? Did you try to convince your little brother that qazer was an Arabic word for “used soap”?  Did you keep pink 100 dollar bills in your pocket and red houses up your sleeve? Did you get callouses on your fingers from Hungry Hungry Hippo? Do you spend more on Euro games every month than you do on heat? Do you know what the phrases: card sleeve, re-playability, traitor mechanic and resource management mean? If so, this is the episode for you.

This week we discuss boardgames; which include tales of flipped tables, relationships ruined, families torn asunder and children scarred for life. In other words, a great session of Lords of Waterdeep.



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